The Kalos Centre and I have both conducted a COVID-19 risk assessment and put procedures in place to minimise risk. As a student please read carefully and only attend class if you agree to all the terms below.

I, as your teacher, will ensure:

Face Coverings: Must be worn as you move around the building, you can remove them when you are on your mat.

Social distancing: Mats to be placed a minimum of 2m apart

Capacity: Maximum of 16 yoga students in the hall

Airflow: Windows and door opened to air space before and during class

High touch points: Door handles and bathroom sanitised before and after class

Bathroom: Facilities have adequate soap, paper towels, bin & sanitiser

Hand sanitiser: Unlimited

Report: You will be informed about any cases of COVID in other students

COVID: I will cancel class if I have COVID symptoms, or have exposure to anyone with COVID

As a student you agree to:

Yoga mat: Bring your own mat, wipes provided

Water: Bring your own, full, water bottle

Arrival time: 10 minute before class starts

Queue: Outside the venue and sign in one at a time

Social distancing: Kept at all times, inside and outside venue

Sanatise: Hands on entry

Yoga pants: Arrive already dressed for yoga

COVID: Do not attend class if you have COVID symptoms. Report any exposure to COVID if discovered after attending class

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Love and air hugs,

Hannah x

Image created by Charlie Bulmer. Submitted for United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives.


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